Nursing School

Well hello there! It has been a while! School seems to consume most of my life now so its been hard to find free time to just sit down with a clear head and write. I kind of wanted to talk about school and what its like to finally be studying things I’m passionate about.

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Celebrating the start of school with my amazing parents!

This semester I am taking four courses which include; Foundations of Nursing, Practical Nursing (Health Assessments and Mental Health), Clinical’s/Lab, and Pharmacology.

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Foundations has been all about the basics of nursing and what makes someone a great nurse. Some of the things we learn seem pretty obvious but its still important to know… like the ethics behind nursing, communication, documentation, cultural differences, etc. This class is a great reminder that there is so much more to being a nurse. Eventually I’ll be my patient’s advocate, support system, and voice when needed and that is just a huge role to take on that I’m excited to grow into.

Practical Nursing is broken down into two different sections. Our first section has been on assessing the patient’s overall health. I’m not going to lie, this class has been somewhat of a struggle. It’s a lot of very important information that we need to learn in 8 weeks (since the class is broken in half). We are learning how to assess all the systems of the body and what our findings can mean. We also learn how to assess the patients and different tools to use if necessary. I really do like the class, I just don’t like how stressful it gets the night before the exam :/

The second section of this class doesn’t start for another two weeks so I don’t have much to say about it but I am excited to get into the mental health portion since this is such an important topic.

Clinical’s/Lab is when we are in the hospital/nursing home doing or clinical hours but mostly, this semester, we are in lab learning skills and being validated on them. A lot of the skills we have learned so far are the basics like vital signs, positioning patients, correct body mechanics… and the “exciting ones” like giving intramuscular/intradermal injections, administering insulin, inserting nasogastric tubes, and some other exciting ones to come. We have a few clinical left before Christmas break but we really pack them in after this semester.

Pharmacology is the last course I am in this semester. It just started this week because it’s only 8 weeks long but I am excited to learn about the drugs I’ll be administering to patients and what they are used for. It’s going to be interesting to add another course to my already heavy workload but I think I’ll survive. :/

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Studying is fun when you have cute coffee shops to go to!

Before starting nursing school and while I was applying I continually told myself that once I was in the program I would never complain because I would be finally where I wanted to be. I can say I have kept my own promise and have not complained or if I have started to I add how lucky I am to be where I am finally. I definitely have had my fair share of tears (and many more to come) and feeling like a failure but even then I remind myself that this is the path God wants for me and it will all work out. I just need to practice that patience I learned while waiting to get in. I am so excited to keep moving forward and continue to learn more about this awesome career path I have chosen. It’s hard to stay in the present time when all I can think about is the day I’ll be Rachel Loehr, RN.

“Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality”- Romans 12:13

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