Knowing your worth

As many of my friends know, I am a HUGE John Mayer fan… I have every song memorized word-for-word, I’ve been to a few concerts, and have confessed that if I could marrying anyone in the world… it would probably be him. 😉 The other day while listening to (you guessed it) JM, some of his lyrics really hit me and inspired me to write this post!

In his song “Wheel” he sings I believe that my life’s gonna see, the love I give, return to me. Sometimes we don’t really listen to the lyrics of our favorite songs, and I don’t know how it caught my attention but it did. And it was something so relatable to my life right now that it was one of those God sightings I talked about in a recent blog post that inspired me to elaborate on it. 

I was told recently that I am a girl that loves so hard, no matter what it is. I think a lot of girls (and guys) can relate to this. No matter what the situation is, we sometimes go above and beyond to make our friends, family, or significant others happy where it can jeopardize our own happiness. And its not always a bad thing to be there for your loved ones but in order to help others or love someone, you need to love yourself and be content in your own life.

Going back to the song lyrics, I’m definitely one of those girls (or so I have been told) that will put everyone and everything before myself. And I don’t mean to sound arrogant!! I’ll kind of lose who I am or who I am working to become in the process of trying to love on everyone else but myself. Basically we sometimes look back at the love and support we pour out to others and realize that it wasn’t reciprocated. And it’s not always like that!! We start wondering, “when will that love return to me“? And thats when the vicious cycle of blaming yourself for caring too much kicks in. If we just try take care of ourselves and love who we are first, maybe we can prevent this from happening. Maybe if we act a little more selfish (just a tiny bit 😉 ) we can feel that love being poured back to us. We can still love our friends, family, and significant others unconditionally, but maybe make sure that you’re being taken care of as well.

We can’t help others or commit to someone when we have so much to work on for ourselves. I’ve started to learn that you truly do have to love yourself before loving someone else. If it’s hard for you to change how much you care for others maybe add things to your life that centers around time for you. That can be journalling before you go to bed. I’ve found journalling is like free counseling, I feel so refreshed. Other things you can do; go shopping, get a manicure, say no sometimes, watch Netflix, take some time to just talk with God, or just listen to some slow jams. Just doing something little to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

When things get hard and you wonder why this is all happening, always know that God is returning that love to you by giving you the life you are blessed with right now. For me, that’s pretty powerful. And to know that I truly do have so many amazing friends and family in my life that love me just as much as I love them helps.

So thank you, John Mayer, for reminding me how much I love you and your words of wisdom through your beautiful voice 😉

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”- 1 Peter 4:8

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