Holland Adventures

Fall is in full swing here and it is much different than Grand Forks falls. Much better too! It’s even more beautiful here than when I first got arrived… if thats possible.

Just a few weeks ago I got to see one of my really good friends, Sydney for about a week. Sydney flew into Amsterdam and our Norwegian friend Elin, and I met her there.

Beautiful friends

Amsterdam was another one of the places I was highly anticipating. Since I was in elementary/middle school I have had a huge fascination with World War II history which lead to my love for Anne Frank. I think I read her diary 3 times plus other books about her during that time.

Had to take a picture with the Amsterdam sign! 

So of course, we went to the Anne Frank House when we were there. We waited in line for about an hour and that wasn’t bad compared to what other people told us it usually is. *Note: if you don’t buy tickets ahead of time, the best time to go is between 6-7pm.* While waiting in line you are given a brochure about the house and the families that were in hiding. The brochure has a map of the house and what each room was used for. So while we were waiting in line it was the perfect time to read that (even though I already knew everything about the house). Finally we got inside and I think I went into shock or something. I was in awe of everything and just being in the place where Anne Frank lived. Walking through the annex gave me chills and it was unreal. Seeing the original diary that she wrote in was so cool as well.

The line getting into the Anne Frank House

In the diary she talks about how each day she could hear the bells from the church just next door and while we were there we heard these bells and it just gave me chills. Remembering that she had talked about that and experiencing the same thing she did was so crazy. I highly, highly recommend going here if you are ever in Amsterdam. It is so worth the wait!!IMG_2645.jpg

While in Amsterdam we also did a lot of walking around, shopping, and eating! Amsterdam is a beautiful city with the coolest architecture. We ate at some really cool places! Pancakes (America’s version of crepes) are huge in Amsterdam. Right by our Airbnb was close to a dozen “Pancake Houses”. We of course had to try one and it was delicious!

Since the day before Sydney and Elin had gotten to Amsterdam, it was Sydney’s birthday we decided to celebrate a little. The first night there we toured the Heineken brewery which was really fun. I am not a big fan of beer but just seeing the process of how they make the beer was really cool! They had some free samples for us along the way. I usually just handed those over to Sydney to finish for me after a few sips.

Ready to sample some beer


I also had my first Hostel experience! I arrived a day before everyone because it was much cheaper for me to do this and since no one else was there yet I had to resort to a hostel all by myself. I stayed at the Flying Pig, which the name itself is great! The hostel was just actually nice and more comfortable that I thought it would be. I wasn’t at the Flying Pig long but now I can check off staying in a hostel on my european bucket list. 😉




All in all the trip was incredible and I left Amsterdam already planning on when I can go back. It was so fun to have another little piece of home here again. Sydney and Elin were the perfect friends to explore Amsterdam with! ❤

“You provide a broad path for my feet, so that my ankles do not give away”- Psalm 18:36

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