Welcome to Bergen

I still can’t believe that I am actually here. It has been a great first 4 days but I have definitely had my ups and downs.

Saying goodbye to my parents

Traveling from Minneapolis —> Reykjavik—> Bergen went very well. I met a few people that were going to UIB (university of Bergen) and we set forward to get to the city center and to get our keys to our apartments. It was quite an experience, carrying all of my luggage while still not feeling 100% from surgery, but the people I was with helped me out.


Once we got to our rooms I wanted to get my wifi set up because I had not been able to update my family that I had gotten here safe. I had a lot of trouble with it and it took a long time but luckily I had help from one of the girls I met.

After that was figured out we headed to ikea to get some things for our apartments. I had never been to ikea so I was excited! I knew that I couldn’t go overboard with buying things because I’m on a budget. I got what I needed and we headed back. At this point, I was exhausted. I had been going all day and was overwhelmed with being in a new city in a foreign country. I ended up calling my mom crying just from being exhausted. She comforted me and told me it was okay to feel this way. I mean I had never been alone in a foreign country with a big time difference. I got a good nights sleep and felt a lot better the next day.

Thursday and Friday were spent doing some school orientation, buying groceries, and meeting more people. Grocery shopping is a lot different here than in the U.S.. Norway to begin with is an expensive country, and the groceries are too. Norwegian’s don’t buy a lot of groceries at once, they only buy a few things at a time. They also have to pay extra for bags. So either you bring your own bags, carry your stuff in your arms, or pay for the bag. Everything is also in kroner’s so I am always using my conversion app to see how much things cost.

Bryggen, the fishermen’s wharf

Most afternoons, after we had been done with our school stuff, we decided to surrender to the evil “jet lag” and rest up. That jet lag has really been kicking us in the butt, but we are slowly adjusting.


Today (Saturday), we slept in and then wanted to get out and explore this beautiful city we get to live in. P.S. the pictures of Bergen do not even give it justice for how beautiful it actually is. We went to the fishermen’s wharf (Bryggen). This is probably the most popular place in Bergen. It’s full of beautiful buildings, fresh seafood, adorable cafes, and shops all along the water. I plan to go back here a bunch more because it is so fun. Once we were done with exploring for a few hours we found an awesome pizza place that we ate at.



Each day, I fall in love more and more with this wonderful city. I definitely have my moments of missing home and dogs 🙂 but I think that it will get better with time. I also just have to remember I only have 5 months here and I need to take in every moment I am here. I am excited for the weeks to come and all the great things this beautiful country has to offer.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”- Deuteronomy 31:6

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