Big Brother Bear

Dear big brother,

Thank you for teaching me so many life lessons while growing up and to this day. When we were little, we were not the best of friends. We fought all the time, you locked me out of your room, you would ditch me when I wanted to tag along with you and your friends, and you would “beat me up”. I know I wasn’t the best sister ever either, but I looked up to you and wanted to be just as cool as you. Even though I got your basketball short hand-me-downs along with your shirts, I felt cool in them.  I felt like a big kid. It was cool to brag to my friends that I got to hang out with my older brother and his friends. But no matter what, you always stuck up for me. When the big kids at school knocked me down when I was just in kindergarten, you fought them back and told them to leave me alone. No matter what, you stood by my side.



You had the hardest job, being the older sibling and I can see that now that we are older. You had to take the blame for everything and you also had to set a good example. But don’t worry, your work was appreciated. You were and still are a great influence. And I am so lucky for that. You helped me find a passion for running, and you pushed me to work and do better. You always cheered me on and gave me great advice, and I was there to cheer you on, but not give you advice. You definitely didn’t need it from me. You showed me where hard work and perseverance got you. Following in your footsteps was fun for me, and I was always so proud to be known as “Matt Loehr’s little sister”. Thanks for being a good kid for that reason. 🙂





Once you graduated, I noticed that we definitely got along better and could stand to be around each other. But of course, I started to enter the “I’m too cool to be around my brother”. Luckily it wasn’t that bad and it was short lived. When mom and dad would tell me you were coming home, I would get so excited. When they would say you were coming to my cross country meet or track meet, it made me nervous but excited to show you the progress I had made (sometimes :/ ). You became more of a best friend than an annoying older brother. You became someone I could confide in and you always knew what to say in every situation. Every heart break, bad race, fight with a friend, or bad test grade was covered up with a big bowl of ice cream and some laughs.



You care so much about me and my feelings and sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve to have such an awesome older brother. You’re a shoulder to cry on, a great movie buddy, the best ice cream date, and my favorite person to argue with. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t feel wanted thanks to you and your caring attitude towards me. I know I may not always show it, but I love you so much and I appreciate more than ever all that you do for me. Especially the random hugs you give me when the look on my face says, “Today was not a good day”.img_6210_2


No older brother compares to you so please don’t ever change. I hope through all that life will throw at us that we continue to have the kind of relationship we have today. I love you forever and I am so proud to call you my older brother.


Your bratty little sister ❤

"Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."- Ephesians 4:32

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