Starting something new can be a challenge, but fun! With the new year off to a great start I decided to add a little bit of fun to my life by starting this blog. This will be place for me to post about the people and places I love and the things in life I love. So basically a whole lot of rambling. One of those things that I love in life is running.

For the past 7 years of my life I have been a very dedicated runner. I was involved in cross country and track in high school. For me, there really wasn’t such thing as an “off season”. We were always training and preparing for the next season. Once I graduated I decided to continue my love for it by running a half marathon in the spring of 2015 with a goal of under 2 hours and finishing in 1 hour and 51 minutes. I was so excited to have accomplished that with all of the injuries I had faced in the past. Even though I was barely able to walk for the week following I was so happy to have done it and I plan on doing another in the near future. Within the past 3 months I have cut back significantly on running. There is no reason in particular that this happened. School and life gets busy sometimes and you start to forget the things you love. But I am now getting back into and I am feeling like myself once again.

Perfect representation for how I felt running my first half!

Word of advice to everyone out there reading this, don’t ever give up what you love. Especially don’t let little obstacles get in your way to do what you love. You’ll feel soooo much better if you make time for that one thing that keeps you going.

I wanted to start off my blog by talking about running for a few reasons. One of the reasons I named this blog “runningwithrachh” is because it sounds good 😉 but also because as a young college girl, sometimes I feel like I am running through life trying to figure things out. With that, figuring out who I am and what I want can take me to many different places around the world. Traveling, running, going to class, going to work, attending mission trips in various parts of the U.S.,  are what get your imagination running and you figure out what you are capable of. You realize there is so much more to the world than the little town of Grand Forks, ND. I feel my best when I am somewhere foreign. I feel full of energy and excited to learn more about the area I am visiting. I find myself taking pictures of everything. Literally.It’s like I want to capture every moment for when I get home. I don’t want to forget every cool thing I saw. Also I feel like by looking back at pictures I can remember everything about that day or when the picture was being taken. So watch out, lots of pictures will be posted with my blogs. :/

Had to take a pic of me placing gum on the gum wall in Seattle. Just one of those random pics! Heres a few more..


Capturing lots of moments with these two wonderful girls (Lauren and Lexi)
Typical Rachel picture…ha!

This afternoon I was sitting in a cute bakery in Grand Forks thinking about all the places I have been and the exciting things to come in the next 6 months. Even though this blog will not be all about traveling and running, it is one of the main reasons I started it. And many of the people and things I talk about will most likely relate back to those two things. I can’t wait to share more about my life and everything I love about it.



“So I run with purpose in every step…”- 1 Corinthians 9:26

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